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·         C# .NET

·         C++ Builder

·         C, C++ for Linux

·         Java

·         PHP


·         Windows

·         Linux

·         Pocket PC, WM5

·         Windows CE

·         Linux

·        WWW


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RNDr. Mikulecký Petr

















IQ Test MS 2.00

  • highly objective test for intelligence quotient measurement
  • graphical tasks can be solved by small children too
  • suitable for job applicants selection
  • test is every time different (various motives, changeable solution positions etc.)

Stamps MS 1.60

  • application developed for philatelists
  • Old Germany stamp catalogue with searChina
  • stamp and waterpark pictures
  • modification in colors and perforations
  • historical maps of stamp countries

New: German Colonies

We prepare: General Government, Bohemia and Moravia protectorate



Keyboard layouts

  • Russian and Ukrainian layout  defined for Czechs with Russian alphabet letters in positions corresponding to positions of voiced in the same way
  • phonetic layouts (Russian alphabet corresponding to Roman characters)
  • layout according to user order