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Application description:    

    -this application is developed for philatelists

    -a nice form of  stamp catalogue including stamp pictures and their watermarks for almost stamps

    -user type for catalogue type selection (stamp modifications in colors or perforation etc.)

    -information about stamp country including historical map of this country

    -update for adding new catalogue parts or for updating new data

    -in basic license price is catalogue of "Old Germany states"



System requirement:

    -Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP

    -processor Pentium 800 MHz

    -memory RAM 512 MB

    -HD space 80 MB


Price list:

Product Pieces Price
Stamps v. 1.60 (+ Old Germany States) 1 14.50 US$ 17.-
2 20.- US$ 23.50
5 44.50 US$ 52.-
10 80.50 US$ 95.-
German Colonies Pack (for Stamps) 1 6.50 US$ 7.50
2 9,- US$ 10.-
5 19,- US$ 22.50
10 35,- US$ 41,-

If you are satisfied with this demo version, contact us by e-mail. After paying license fee you can get full version of this application with possibility to add new prepared stamp countries packs.


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